The Lochford Chronicles

Session 1

They Stole Our Winnings!

Ulver 4, 1275

The adventure began in The Bitter Dwarf. The PC’s were participants/finalists in a Reign tournament.

When the tournament concluded, Megild (owner of The Bitter Dwarf) opened the chest that held the prize money, only to find that it had been emptied. The only thing on the chest was a gambling chip with the mark of the Shadowcloaks scratched onto it.

After a brief confrontation , the PCs agreed to pursue the thieves. Megild offered to double their winnings if they bring the thieves back to face “Justice” (at the hands of the Syndicate).

There were no rooms available at The Bitter Dwarf, so Megild directed the PCs to The Nine Horse Hitch.

On their way to the inn, the PCs happened upon a group of Kobolds wandering the darkened streets. A brief confrontation resulted and the Kobolds were cut down in the street.

At the inn, one of the PCs overheard several brigands in an adjoining room planning to mug a group of drug dealers. Sensing an opportunity, the PCs hatched a plan to mug the muggers.

The next morning, while the rest of the PCs sat in the common room, Filibert followed the brigands. When they turned down an alley, he hid nearby and watched as they beat and robbed a pair of less-than-savory looking fellows. Loot in hand, the brigands returned to the Nine Horse Hitch with Filibert following as a safe distance.


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