The Lochford Chronicles

Session 2

Lock, Stock, and Three Beaten Muggers

Ulver 5, 1275

While Filibert was out tailing the brigands, the rest of the PCs were enjoying breakfast in the common room of the Nine Horse Hitch. There, they overheard conversations about a group of dead Kobolds found in the street that morning. Some were wondering how they were killed, while others wondered what they were doing inside the city in the first place.

Soon, the brigands returned to the inn and to their room. Filibert returned soon after, joining his friends.

The PCs followed the Brigands upstairs. Finding the door to their room unlocked, the PCs stormed in and quickly subdued the brigands. and subdued them…rather violently. The PCs stole the money and Bonedust, stashed it in their room, and then attempted to interrogate the brigands.

The brigands insisted that they were not part of any guild, and that robbing the drug dealers was their own idea. Deciding that the brigands were telling the truth, the PCs tied them up and returned to their own room.

As THOKK, the last of the PCs, was leaving the Brigands’ room, several men arrived. They briefly interrogated THOKK before sending him on his way.

THOKK joined his companions shortly before a brief altercation and sounds of heavy objects being dragged could be heard from the brigands’ room.

Upon returning to the Brigands’ room, they found it empty. In a rage, THOKK “turned the room,” smashing furniture and attracting the attention of the innkeep, who promptly threw them out.

Coming to his senses afterward, THOKK gave the innkeep extra money to cover the damage he’d done.

The PCs then made their way northeast to a marketplace. En route, a group of veiled dancers encircled the party, performing an intricate dance. They didn’t get to perform for long, and scattered when THOKK growled and Meikken started to draw her sword.

At the marketplace, the PCs sold several maces that they’d looted from the Kobolds the night before (which THOKK had been wearing as a sort of kilt) before questioning passersby about rumours of Kobolds found dead in the streets. People in general were surprised by this, with one person specifically noting that Kobolds were scavengers, and their appearance in a large city was really quite peculiar.

The PCs’ attention was caught by a very showy sales pitch in which a man (ostensibly named Zombardo) was extolling the virtues of Dr. Zombardo’s Amazing Healing Powders.” He tossed some powder onto a woman who was clearly suffering from some sort of plague, and her sores vanished before their eyes. Serafine detected no magic, and Filibert was convinced Dr. Zombardo was lying about his Amazing Healing Powders.

People had begun to crowd close to the wagon in order to purchase theHealing Powders when THOKK pushed his way to the front. Dr. Zombardo attempted to sell him a bag of Healing Powders, but he answered with “No…cure ME!” before slicing open his own forearm.

Dr. Zombardo blanched and ran.

The PCs then approached a brightly coloured tent, and were met by its Dwarven owner. His star attraction, Dronk the Barbarian (a Half-Orc bare-knuckle brawler), was unwilling to fight because he’d lost his lucky belt. The PCs found a leatherworker in the marketplace, bought a studded leather belt, and had unreadable (and likely meaningless) runes embossed upon the inside. The PCs then convinced Dronk that this belt was even mightier than his old one, and made especially for him. Dronk was suitably impressed, and went on to soundly defeat all comers that night.

As the PCs left the tent, Serafine noticed a slip of parchment tucked into her belt. It read, “The Harpy’s Cry. Midnight.”

It was very nearly midnight already.


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