The Lochford Chronicles

Session 4

The Noble's Amulet, part 1

Ulver 7, 1275

The next morning, the PCs enjoyed a nice breakfast at The Harpy’s Cry. As the plates were being cleared, they found a slip of parchment under Meiken’s plate. Written on the parchment was the name Ludovic Dufour, and an address in the Starlight District.

The PCs journeyed across the river to the Starlight District and located Ludovic’s shoppe. Ludovic escorted them into a back room – ostensibly to meet in private, but possibly because their presence “didn’t go” with his boutique.

Ludovic had been hired to acquire and magically modify a pendant that belonged to the late Sonalge Beauclaire. He has contracted the Shadowcloaks to acquire the pendant.

Solange had passed away two weeks previously, and is interred in the Beauclaire Mausoleum at the Crown Temple.

On their way to the City Gate, The PCs were met by a Shadwcloaks operative. He told them that the Shadowcloaks would appreciate it if they could retrieve some nobles’ bones, and that that appreciation would be monetary in nature.

They then left Lochford and made their way to the Crown Temple. Upon arriving, they found the Temple grounds to be quite heavily populated with mausoleums. THOKK began banging his sword against the bars of the iron gate. This brought a monk out of the Temple.
The PCs introduced themselves as servants of the Beauclaire family, come to pay their respects to the Lady Solange. The monk obligingly gave them directions to the location of the Beauclaire mausoleum.

They located and entered the mausoleum. Funerary niches lined the walls to both sides, and there was a raised dais in the center of the room. Nearly every surface was intricately carved.

A secret catch was located on the back wall that caused the floor to descend, forming a staircase that let to a larger crypt beneath the mausoleum. The walls of the crypt were lined with even more niches, a statue of a warrior stood against the far wall.

The PCs had just begun to examine the occupants of the crypt when several disembodied hands skittered out of the niches and attacked. With some effort, the PCs managed to destroy the skittering hands.

Filibert examined the statue while the PCs turned their attention to the interred bodies.

The statue moved. Layers of dust fell from the statue, revealing it to be an undead creature.

A brief, pitched battle ensured. The PCs had traded several blows with the undead thing before them when they suddenly found themselves standing outside, in a different part of the Temple grounds.


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