The Lochford Chronicles

Session 3

Too Many Guilds

Ulver 5, 1275

Upon entering The Harpy’s Cry, the PCs were escorted to the common room. Near the hearth sat a lone man. He motioned for them to join him and ordered a round of drinks.

The man introduced himself as Bartrand, a member of the Shadowcloaks. He explained that he was aware that the PCs were in possession of certain items and money that belonged to the Shadowcloaks, taken from a group of brigands at The Nine Horse Hitch. The Shadowcloaks would appreciate the return of their goods, but would be willing to allow the PCs to keep the gold in exchange for a small service.

Yet another criminal organization had recently reared its head in Lochford. Little was known about this organization, except that they were attempting, rather clumsily, to move in on the Shadowcloaks’ territory. Shadowcloak agents reported that the group appeared to be operating from a base in the old sewers under the northern part of the city, and it would be greatly appreciated if the PCs could eliminate these fools before they could cause any real problems.

Bartrand hinted that completing this task could lead to the PCs being accepted into the Shadowcloaks organization.

Meiken brought up the robbery at The Bitter Dwarf, and Bartrand chuckled. He promised the PCs that he would present them with their belated winnings…if they accomplished the task before them.

Ulver 6, 1275

The PCs made heir way north and eventually located a sewer grate in a relatively well concealed location. THOKK opened the gate and the PCs descended into the sewers. The sewers beneath this part of the city were indeed old, and clearly hadn’t been maintained in quite some time.

They lit lanterns and continued north, examining the crumbling walls as they went. At the end of a badly crumbling tunnel, Filibert located a secret door.

As soon as the door was opened, a loud gong was heard. The PCs barely had time to think before crossbow bolts slammed into the wall next to the door.

Content Not Found: meikken leaped into action, bringing her tower shield to the front and providing cover for the rest of the PCs. This cover afforded them the opportunity to take stock of their surroundings and see that the single torch illuminating the chamber was at the bottom of a steep staircase to their right.

Carefully, and with crossbow bolts thudding into Meiken’s shield every few moments, the PCs made their way to the staircase and began to ascend.

At the top of the stairs, the PCs saw a large serpentine figure writhing atop a dais, surrounded by dark smoke. A voice boomed out.

“Who enters the lair of the mighty Draxon?”

When the PCs didn’t answer, a gout of flame shot forth from the serpent’s mouth, narrowly missing the PCs where they stood on the steep staircase.

The PCs hurled the torch from the wall at the serpent and were quite surprised by the hollow wooden “thunk” sound that resulted. This was answered by a crossbow bold=t fired fro the smoke near the serpent.

Serafine summoned an eagle, which she sent into the smoke to locate and attack the crossbowman. THOKK, meanwhile, THOKK rushed forward to flank what he now understood to be nothing more than a cleverly built statue.

Serafine’s eagle successfully located and attacked the crossbowman, taking one of his eyes. He fled down the corridor behind the statue, just before THOKK arrived.

THOKK found a door in the back of the statue and tore it open. His greatsword made short work of the man who suddenly found himself trapped inside.

As the PCs regrouped at the top of the staircase, they heard the sound of stone grinding against stone from behind them. Turning, they saw several small figures running for the door, followed by a taller figure with his hand on his face.

THOKK and Filibert pursued and eventually caught the last of these figures. His still-bleeding eye socket marked him as the crosssbowman.

Filibert held his dagger close to the man’s remaining eye and began to question him. The man claimed that everything was Creigh’s idea: the gang, the kobolds, the dragon – all of it. He insisted that Creigh was the brains of the outfit.

Filibert then stabbed the man in the eye. Blinded, he began screaming mindlessly.

Realizing that he would not be providing any more useful information, THOKK snapped the man’s neck, ending his tortured screaming.

The PCs examined the remaining chambers and found a few trinkets but little else.

On their way back to The Harpy’s Cry, a young boy ran out of a side street and barrelled straight into the PCs before cowering behind THOKK. The PCs asked him what he was running from and he replied “The Babadu!” before running away.

The PCs returned to The Harpy’s Cry, finding Bartrand at the bar in the common room. the PCs assured Bartrand that the deed was done, and the upstart gang would no longer trouble the Shadowcloaks. They also returned the Bonedust that they’d taken from the brigands at The NineHorse Hitch.

Bartrand congratulated them on a job well done and welcomed them as provisional members of the Shadowcloaks. He motioned to another man, who brought him a small leather bag. The bag clinked as he handed it to Bartrand.

“As promised, here are your collective winnings from your recent gambling adventure. We Shadowcloaks may be thieves, but we never steal from our own.”


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